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"I want to learn more and have more fun than sitting down"

If you’d like to explore music alongside your children, why not come to one of many family concerts, workshops and events throughout the year?

"I want to write the best poem ever!"

Family friendly activities have included arts and crafts, rhythm and music workshops, and vast onstage guitar jams. Many opportunities are open to all age groups, offering a space for the whole family to share an interest and learn together.

"It was great! The music was fantastic - totally transported me."

If you're visiting The Bridgewater Hall, why not use our free resources to help you explore the building and the sounds of the orchestra? Our Treasure Trail introduces children to the building's secrets from the Touchstone on the piazza to the springs beneath the floor. The Guide to the Orchestra helps you to spot the different instruments you can see onstage. And we've got links to loads of other free and online music resources to help you explore classical music with your family.

The Bridgewater Hall is an Arts Award supporter organisation. We've mapped our offer for young people to Arts Award modules, age and key stage - whether or not your children are involved in the award, you can use this guide to see how you can get involved.

To plan your visit with your family, take a look at our Visiting with Families information on the right hand side of this page.

Current and future projects

View all Family Events in our What's On listings

Music Makers
Monthly event
Monthly sensory, discovery and play sessions designed for babies and toddlers. Each session is inspired by a much-loved piece of music, with live musicians to play and interact with you and your child.

Be Hear Now
Every school holiday
Half term musical discovery sessions for young people with special educational needs and their families, with live music, movement and participation.

Journey Through Music
Regular event from the BBC Philharmonic
A special scheme for families with 8-14 year olds, Journey Through Music offers big discounts on ticket prices for adults and children, free workshops to learn about the orchestra and specially created programme notes to guide you through the music.

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