A Little Bite Music

30 Mar 2016

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A Little Bite Music

Friday lunchtimes 12.30-1.30pm*

A Little Bite Music is a series of free lunchtime concerts held at The Bridgewater Hall during the spring and summer months.  The concerts are designed to introduce new audiences to a diverse range of music.  The informal foyer setting makes the concerts suitable for everybody, and visitors are welcome to join us for all or part of each performance, whether to enjoy a leisurely lunch in the Stalls Café Bar or to snatch a bite of culture in a short break from the office.

*Most concerts take place in the Stalls Foyer from 12.30-1.30pm. These events are free of charge and usually there's no need to book, but please note that seating and capacity is limited. Please check the event listing for up to date start times and whether you need to book. 

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What is A Little Bite Music?

Occasionally people have questions for us about why we offer foyer concerts, who they are for, and what they can expect from a visit.  If any of your questions are not answered below, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Who is A Little Bite Music for?
The concerts are designed to introduce new audiences to a diverse range of music, and to give emerging artists an opportunity to appear in a series alongside established performers.  In particular, we want to reach people who might struggle to attend other concerts in the building, whether that's because of cost, access to the city centre, or the length of concentration required.  The foyer setting means that existing music lovers can take a seat at the front for the entire concert, local workers and residents can pop in for ten minutes and young children can stay for as short or long a time as they are interested. 

Are audiences expected to be silent throughout the concerts?
Our cafe serves lunch and drinks throughout the concerts, so some audience members can eat whilst they listen; others may choose to compare notes, dance, clap or enjoy each event in their own way.  We do ask audience members to respect the performers, so if your child becomes very noisy we would ask you to step outside, or if you prefer to chat over lunch then there are tables available at the far end of the cafe away from the performing area. 

Am I guaranteed a seat?
For each concert we set out as many seats as we are permitted in Stalls Foyer, in order to maintain exit routes.  Other visitors are welcome to stand.  Our stewards will do their utmost to help you find a seat, but some concerts prove very popular.  When possible we will offer additional seating on Choir Circle Foyer, but seats cannot be guaranteed.  If you arrive early to choose a good seat, you're welcome to bring a drink over to the performance area.  To maintain fairness, we don't allow groups to reserve seats using coats or bags; some or all of you will need to remain seated in order to keep your place.  If you are seated, please ensure that you fill all gaps in the rows and be aware of other audience members who may need to sit down more than you do.

Can I bring a large group to the concerts?
Larger groups and school visitors are welcome to join us for A Little Bite Music concerts.  However, capacity is limited; please let us know in advance if you plan to bring a group of twelve or more, or if any members of your party have specific access requirements, and we will do all we can to accommodate you.  You can contact us via Box Office on 0161 907 9000.

Why do other events sometimes take place alongside A Little Bite Music?
A Little Bite Music is funded directly by The Bridgewater Hall, without public subsidy.  Other events in the building - such as tours, lunch groups and conferences - help to maintain our concert programme and Bridgewater for All activity throughout the year.  Occasionally these events may take place on upper levels alongside the concerts; we'll always consider the type of music being performed, the noise levels from the other activity, and any other potential conflicts in our planning, but a small amount of sound transfer will occasionally arise as part of a busy, working building.

If you feel strongly that noise levels from other audience members or events is affecting your enjoyment of the music, you may wish to consider auditorium events such as Manchester Mid-day Concerts or Hallé matinees.