Manchester Airport Line

Over the coming months we'll be updating this page with details of the stops along the Manchester Airport line; information about the groups creating the tracks for each stop, interesting facts,  media and snippets of information as the project progresses. Be sure to check back on Monday 17 July, when we will be uploading recordings of each full track. 

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Manchester Airport - Manchester Airport Choir

We are a work-based choir founded in 2012 by Gareth Malone for his television series, Sing While You Work. The choir is made up of employees from Manchester Airport and other companies based at the Airport. We have done arrange of performances including charity events, exhibitions, gala dinners, local and national radio, concert halls and an airline new route launch to Beijing.

Shadowmoss - Lifestyle Disability Group

A group from the Woodside Park Leisure Centre met to discuss what they liked about their youth group and their experience of the trams in Manchester. Their song lyrics look at the social side of their group - how great it is to meet new people and spend time together - and the fun places you can get to on the tram. They composed a reflective chorus, remembering times they’ve watched trams passing from their windows. The group also celebrate the birthdays of Metrolink and The Bridgewater Hall in style at the end of the track!

Peel Hall - Commission by The Voice Collective

The Voice Collective is a 14-piece a cappella vocal group based in Manchester. They write and perform unique a cappella interpretations of pop, folk and soul songs including popular oldies or modern classics. The group are passionate about music and have a diverse repertoire of songs under their belt. They are also collaborative artists, seizing opportunities to work with other local musicians and groups. They released their debut album ‘Songs For Mavis’ in November 2015.

Robinswood Road - WyNotLGBTQ+ (The Proud Trust)

We are a youth group for young people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or anyone who is questioning their gender and/or sexuality in Wythenshawe, Manchester. The group is a confidential space for young people to feel safe to be themselves. The group allows young LGBT people to explore their identities, meet other LGBT young people and make a difference in their community. As well as engaging in the group activities young people have the opportunity to speak to a youth worker one to one, and they are invited to get involved in the wider opportunities that The Proud Trust offers.

About the track

This song is based around the negative and positive aspects of the Metrolink and the encounters that take place on the tram. The group were taken back to their childhood for the Chorus and the quirky fact about their stop!

Wythenshawe Town Centre - Grand Day Out

Grand Day Out is a service for people aged over 55 based at Wythenshawe Forum. They host a range of activities for people across the day each Wednesday and people can drop in and socialise, do arts and crafts, play ping pong, listen to music and many other activities.

About the track

We created the music for Wythenshawe Town Centre tram stop and worked over 3 weeks. It was a small, lively group participating in the music and other people who were busy doing other activities seemed to enjoy our music making. The composer spent time with the group finding out what it means to them. Ideas were bounced around and whittled down with input from everyone. The group then recited the finished “poem” all together and a new member who had joined in the third week added some solo lines. “Grand Day Out is like a family. A place to make new friends. We used to feel isolated, now we’re together. We are Grand Day Outers, In Wythenshawe Town Centre. We've all come out for a walk to have a good chat and have some good talk. We are Grand Day Outers. To come along and meet new friends, to find out new things and buck new trends. We are Grand Day Outers in Wythenshawe Town Centre.” Not everyone in the group had used the tram although some had. For our soundscape, we improvised around an old rhyme which children used to say when they were on the train, imitating the sound of the wheels on the tracks. We spoke this rhyme together as well as using hand-held percussion instruments to add in sounds. One lady discovered that if you talk into the bottom of a darbuka drum it sounds like the announcement on the tram so we integrated this into our improvisation. For our song, we had a wealth of poetic input from members including a couple of long poems about the group and about Wythenshawe Forum as well as some thoughts about the thrills of travelling on the tram. We integrated ideas from all of these into the song. The group wanted a jolly sounding song and enjoyed trying out the different handheld percussion instruments. Because one of the poems was set in the same rhythm as the song “Sing a song of sixpence” we decided the middle section of the song could keep the same tune. Wythenshawe Forum has a gym where people can get exercise, there’s also a dance group that meets every Wednesday in the Hall. Grand Day Out provides free tea, coffee and biscuits. These are all celebrated in the lyrics!
Created with

Crossacres - Peacocks and Giraffes (Ashgate Specialist School)

Working with One Education, Peacocks & Giraffes from Ashgate Specialist School created their Tram Tracks song for the Crossacres stop 

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Benchill - Old Moat Over 50s Peer Support Network

Old Moat Over 50s Peer Support Network has been developed as part of the Old Moat Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC). It aims to create a community where fewer older people live lonely and isolated lives and to develop services and activities which support ‘ageing in place’ and allow older people to have the choice to remain in their own home.

About the track

For many of the group, the tram is a real lifeline for them to get out and about, visit friends, remain active and keep healthy. However, they felt that more could be done around the integration of the various travel networks and accessibility for older people on the Metrolink. The song reflects both of these feelings. The piano accompaniment begins with the rhythm of the tram track. 

Martinscroft - Her Hidden Histories

A group of young women from Wythenshawe who are currently working on a HLF funded project exploring women’s roles in transport. The project comes to an end with this group in early June so the Tram Tracks project is a great way for them to continue working together on a similar theme.

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Roundthorn - University Hospital of South Manchester

We are a diverse group of staff who work at University Hospital of South Manchester in a range of different roles. These include Doctors, IT specialists, managers, nurses, HR, patients  and therapists. We have come together for the first time in response to the Tram Tracks project.  

Baguley - Sacred Heart R.C Primary (Year 5)

Tram Tracks was written by Year 5 at Sacred Heart Primary School in Baguley, near Wythenshawe.

About the track

They began the songwriting process by recalling their own experiences on the tram. The conversation led the children to think about what might happen to other people when they travel on the tram. These possibilities, combined with their own experiences, form the basis of the song lyrics. The comical element reflects the class’ love of humorous stories and the style and groove of the music fits with their fondness for rock and hip hop. The song was recorded using Garageband software on the school ipads. It is very much their own work!

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Moor Road - Youth Group

The song for Moor Road tram stop was written by a group of young people from the youth forum at Woodhouse Park Lifestyle Centre and from Manchester Young Lives. The Woodhouse Park Lifestyle Centre is a vibrant community facility managed by Wythenshawe Community Housing Group. It is a place that brings together local communities, businesses and partners, and provides opportunities for people from all age groups to socialise, learn, and stay healthy. Manchester Young Lives works with children and young people in some of the most disadvantaged areas of Manchester.

About the track

The first verse of the song is about the local area and destinations. The second verse is about overhearing, or even listening in, to interesting conversations and stories you hear around you on the tram!

Wythenshawe Park - #TwitterDisco

Twitter Disco are a virtual health & social care disco that believes in caring for those that care. We come together once a month and share music that lifts us makes us happy. We are a Twitter community that supports, inspires and nurtures. There is no agenda; we just enjoy doing what we do!

About the track

The lyrics of the song speak for themselves, and the style is 80s disco, glitter, sparkles and legwarmers! Let your hair down, enjoy yourself and take some time out to refresh, revive and replenish.

Northern Moor - Edstart Northern Moor

EdStart is an organisation set up to support schools in offering a varied and broad curriculum in a range of subjects in an offsite location to disengaged 13-16 year olds. This group consisted of Year 10 boys from across South Manchester (Chorlton, Northern Moor, Wythenshawe, Withington, Rusholme, Fallowfield, Burnage and Ardwick).

About the track

The song the group wrote was about a hypothetical tram, the ‘Ghetto express’, driven by a chauffeur and with all mod cons included! As well as writing the lyrics and spitting the lines, the group also wrote all of the keyboard tunes, arranged the track, directed the flute solo, designed the beat and used the recording equipment.

Sale Water Park - Public songwriting session

About the track

As we talked about Sale Water Park the idea of contrasts kept coming up – the busyness of the tram and the nearby motorway versus the peace and stillness of the water park; the wildlife and the nature versus the man-made infrastructure of the tram, motorway and park-and-ride; the interesting history of the area versus the push for progress and development. We also found some amusing Trip Advisor reviews which listed the positives and negatives of the Water Park in starkly black-and-white terms!

We tried to reflect this in our song by using strongly contrasting music: a loud, insistent and rhythmic chorus, with shouted words that encapsulate some of the objections to the Water Park (from Trip Advisor reviews and from locals’ initial reservations about development plans in 2012), and a soothing, meditative and atmospheric verse with more extended prose mentioning the park’s human and bird visitors.

Barlow Moor Road - Chorlton High School

The group is made up of Year 9 Students who are working towards a music GCSE. The group is mixed ability and includes a wide variety of instruments and vocalists.

About the track

The song looks at the Past, Present and Future of Barlow Moor. In the past the area was a moor, and saw Prince Rupert and Bonnie Prince Charlie both camp in the area.  The present looks at the area as a stepping stone; not only between the blue of the River Mersey and the green of the Chorlton Water Park, but also between the different groups of people that use the tram and their different life experiences. The final verse looks at the future of the people on the tram and reminds us that the young people of today are the future.

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