Eccles Line

Over the coming months we'll be updating this page with details of the stops along the Eccles line; information about the groups creating the tracks for each stop, interesting facts,  media and snippets of information as the project progresses. Be sure to check back on Monday 17 July, when we will be uploading recordings of each full track. 

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Eccles - Commission by Jennifer Reid

Jennifer Reid spent time at Eccles tram stop talking to passengers and people from the area. 

Ladywell - Commission by Emmanuela Yogolelo

About the track

It has been a honour and privilege to look into the history of the Ladywell area and to talk to few residents there including individuals from the BAME communities and people using the Ladywell tram stop.  The inspiration for the song came from hearing what few people had to say about the area and the tram stop. I also personally found the geographical position of the area particular. Ladywell seems to be at the same on a hill, in a corner and but remote yet it also is the entrance to a big place, Eccles.  As well I found photo of (attached) of 'The Ladywell  Express' from the old time Ladywell.  More information on the photo can be found on  Salford or at Eccles library. According to the website, they will be an exhibition of photographs of Salford including the Ladywell Express there until 31st July, 10am-3pm.  I hope that people like the song and particularly it reflects the area and its tram stop.  

Weaste - St. Luke’s CE Primary

This is a mixed ability group of 24 children from Year 4 who are currently having woodwind tuition. St Luke's C of E Primary School worked alongside practitioner Tom Scott to compose and record a song for Weaste tram stop. The Year 4 group discussed the local sights that they might see on an imaginary journey to Weaste on the tram. The track has a relaxed, dreamy feel and contains a section where the group shout out places from Weaste and the surrounding area. The sound of an actual journey on the tram can be heard in the background. 

Langworthy - Salford Foyer Young Parents Group

The young parents group meets weekly at Salford Foyer and is open to young Mums and Dads, their children and young people that are expecting a baby. The group is a laid-back and informal space for young parents, although the group also works to look at issues that the young people may want help and support with such as play and behaviour, healthy eating, lifestyle and issues around pregnancy.

About the track
The song starts with a long list of things that the young parents have to remember even before getting out on the tram! Verse 1 looks at different places the young parents can visit on the tram with their children, and the music is playful and childlike. Verse 2 looks at a ‘dreamworld’ tram, which could take us anywhere! The Pre-chorus and Chorus are increasingly thoughtful and adult in style, looking more widely at the idea of building memories and the parent-child bond and the development of children through taking them out and playing with them. In some of the sessions there were three generations of the same family, showing how these experiences are shared over time and space.

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Broadway - Commission

Andrew, who once upon a time was the scout featured in the song about Timperley, is now a full-time pianist and Musical Director working on theatrical productions in the UK and around the world. He can list Les Miserable, Wicked, Chicago, Mary Poppins, Jersey Boys, Matilda, Hairspray & Chitty Chitty Bang Bang amongst the shows he has previously worked on. He can currently be seen/heard as Musical Director of The Addams Family UK Tour. Andrew thanks Paula for the commission to write music for the Tram Tracks project, as it’s not something he’s done much of in recent years!

Laura is perhaps best-known as one half of the musical comedy duo, Frisky & Mannish (BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 4, BBC3, E4). Prior to that she received the DipRAM for Musical Theatre, at the Royal Academy of Music (supported by the Arts & Humanities Research Council). More recently, she has been working as an international solo artist, notably with the Olivier Award-winning show La Soirée (London, Denmark tour, Perth, Auckland) and with German dinner-cabaret show Palazzo. Laura also thanks Paula for including her in the project, which has been a glorious way to reconnect with her roots and her beloved Manchester!

Laura & Andrew have also composed the music for the Timperley tram stop, a song titled 1st West Timperley Scouts.

MediaCityUK - BBC Radio Manchester

Claire Mooney and the team from BBC Radio Manchester have written and performer a beautiful new track about MediaCityUK where BBC Radio Manchester is based.

Harbour City - The Lowry – Get Involved

#GetInvolved is part of the Focus programme within the Lowry working a wide range of young people from across Salford and surrounding areas. The young people attend weekly sessions developing new work, empowering them to have a voice within the world in which they live.

Anchorage - Oasis Academy Media City UK

The group from Oasis Academy are mixed ability students in year 9 who range from being competent at their chosen instrument, to being novices. Within the class, there are 18 students who play a variety of band instruments and sing. Salford is an area of high deprivation and so many students do not experience private instrumental lessons on a regular basis, so classroom music includes composition and performance as well as curriculum music making.

About the track

A Safe Place/Respect Your Roots. This song has been created and performed by year 9 students at Oasis Academy. Inspired by the idea of an anchorage as a harbour, refuge, or safe space, they came up with lyrics about their experiences of street life. They also created the melody, and in a very short space of time arranged, rehearsed and recorded this live version of their song. It draws on all the skills of the 18 strong group, including a full rhythm section, trumpet, beatboxing, rapping and singing. Thanks to Hannah Dixon at Oasis Academy.

Salford Quays - Imperial War Museum North

The Imperial War Museum North Volunteers Group is, as the name suggests, a group of volunteers from the Imperial War Museum North.  Some of the volunteers came together in 2016 to sing as a choir, with other volunteers from other museums in the area, to improve well-being.  They come from all different walks of life and include veterans from World War II and the Falklands.

About the track

Our song, Heart of the Docks to the Heart of the City, was inspired by both the history of the area (Salford Quays) and the stories behind the museum.  The motto of the Imperial War Museum Family, ‘War Shapes Lives’, is part of the bridge to our song making a direct reference to the organisation and the activity they do.

Exchange Quay - Echoes from Ordsall Hall

Ordsall Hall staff and volunteers: Mary, Cynthia, Colin, David, Kim, Angel, Steph, Amy and Tom

The Echoes from Ordsall Hall are a group of staff and volunteers (ranging in age from twenties to seventies) who come together to ensure that Ordsall Hall and Gardens remain the jewel in the crown of Ordsall and Salford despite constant development and changing surroundings. Building upon 800 years of history, the team are passionate about connecting the past to the present and the future for all visitors to the Hall.

About the track

Our song tells the story of the fascinating history of Ordsall Hall, from the first records in the twelfth century to the present day. Each verse looks at a different period in time, and the musical setting of each verse (using keyboard, percussion, spoken word, voices, sound effects, a drum machine app and rap) is different to match. The chorus, on the other hand, was inspired by the idea of the protest song, and reminds us that, throughout all this change, the Hall “was here first”. The tune to the chorus was introduced to us by Steph, and is taken from a marching song sung by the National Unemployed Workers’ Movement in Salford in the 1930s. 


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Pomona - Commission by Kirsty Almeida

About the track

Kirsty Almeida, that is I, I am a mama, an artist, a creative, a moonlight bather, a believer in magic, a magician, an alchemist, a dancer, a writer, a student of life.

This song came through as I was sat at Pomona tram stop with my guitar. It felt like the people who arrived there were quick to get somewhere else and no-one seemed to notice how beautiful the land that it was built on, is. Kinda like their journey was to just get here to move on. There were wild flowers everywhere. The song that popped out seemed to be about the similarities between Pomona and that point in a relationship where you realise you were only ever meant to enjoy it for those moments and that actually the moment you are at is the one that you now know where to head, without the other.

I decided to use the chimes at the beginning with the idea in my mind that people arriving at Pomona tram stop might hear them and wonder what their sound was coming from and then they may notice natures efforts.