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Bridgewater for All

We provide opportunities for schools, community groups and individuals to get involved with the work of the Hall. Whether you're taking your first steps into the world of music or a professional looking for new ideas, use this part of the site to discover what we can offer you.

Our Learning and Participation programme is funded by SMG Europe Holdings Ltd, who operate the building, and by The Bridgewater Hall Community Education Trust. These two organisations work closely together to achieve our aims of innovative, responsive community engagement.

The Bridgewater Hall is a delivery partner for both MYHub and the Greater Manchester Music Hub. We're closely involved in the city's Age Friendly Manchester Cultural Offer, and are part of a network developing Manchester's offer for the Family Arts Festival each October. We're excited by the potential for partnership working to help reach new audiences and communities, and to create a better participatory arts offer for Greater Manchester. 

In 2013 we commissioned a major consultation with audiences and stakeholders to learn more about what we could offer people across Greater Manchester. This feedback has informed our planning for 2013-16 - if you're interested, you can download the reports on the right. 

We're always interested in your ideas for our programme, and in forming new partnerships within Greater Manchester. If you have an idea which might help us to meet our aims, please contact us at any time.


The Bridgewater Hall Community Education Trust

It is our mission to maximise the educational potential of Manchester's world class concert venue through projects, programmes and activities inspired by the building and its rich artistic life, accessible to communities of all ages and backgrounds across Greater Manchester.

Our activity encompasses the five key principles of:


Artists and participants are encouraged to develop themselves and their creativity to produce entertaining work of high quality. The Trust encourages imaginative cross-arts work.

Schools projects
Every term we run projects for schools from Key Stage 1-4, encouraging children to listen to music and create their own responses using song, visual art, poetry and music.  We believe in the power of music to inspire and engage children and develop their creativity, and that this is the first stage of musical learning.


Whenever appropriate, the Trust will collaborate with other local or national agencies and professional artists.

Noye's Fludde
The Bridgewater Hall worked with Chetham's School of Music and Manchester Cathedral on a community production of Noye's Fludde in February 2013, involving over 200 children, young people and adults and numerous agencies and organisations from across Greater Manchester to celebrate Benjamin Britten's centenary. This successful collaboration has led to plans for future partnerships, with a WW1-themed production planned for 2015.


Innovative projects and schemes are designed and led by respected national and local artists, musicians and craftspeople. Projects are devised for groups and individuals who otherwise have little access to creative work.

Pull Out All The Stops
We worked with concert halls across England to form a massed choir of primary school singers to launch the newly restored organ at the Royal Festival Hall. Children from Manchester rehearsed with Bridgewater for All before joining the main choir for the concert in London, which was broadcast live on BBC Radio.


Projects are devised to answer a real need and designed in consultation with the people taking part.

Many young people identify the composition element of music GCSE as a daunting prospect in making their subject choices. This project works with students prior to their GCSE year, introducing them to compositional techniques using the works of a great composer as an inspiration, and giving them core tools to take forward into their exam coursework or music practice.


The Trust tries to foster continuing partnership and work which enables its participants to develop their skills over the longer term.

Be Hear Now
Partnerships with Live Music Now and MY Hub identified a lack of holiday provision for young people with special educational needs and their families. We created half term musical discovery sessions, and are working with partners to build these into a wider musical development offer for SEND young people.

Our Research