How To Use Hashtags Effectively In Event Marketing And Communication

26 Jul 2017

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Hashtags can be found on almost all social media platforms these days, and have the purpose of starting or continuing a dialogue with other users on a particular topic or theme. By incorporating hashtags into your event marketing and interaction with visitors, not only are all contributions summarised, but you also make it easier for your participants to find and spread their content in relation to it. In this article, we have identified what you should consider when creating an appropriate hashtag and how you can effectively use hashtags to promote your conferences and events in Manchester.

Criteria for a good hashtag:

Clear and memorable

Through hashtags, participants are drawn to your event, share their experiences and connect with each other. An easy to use hashtag provides users with a greater ability to engage and comment on your content; as well as link comparative hashtags that expand upon the ideas expressed. So be sure to choose keywords that are aptly described and yet easy to remember.

Unique and informative

A well-chosen hashtag has the power to promote the online visibility of your event. On the one hand, selecting unique keywords (that are not used by any other social media campaign) sets your content aside from everyone else's; thus, allowing you to create a precise campaign that is built around your event's aim or vision. The alternative to this is using a more general or popular keyword phrase to connect your event with similar themes or ideas - such as "#technology #conference".

In this case, you will be sharing the potential traffic of associated social media campaigns and, perhaps, broaden the scope of your posts market reach. However, it is important that the hashtag relates to your event otherwise visitors may be confused about its connection, or put off by the campaign trying to ride on the coattails of another issue.

Our Tip: Check out all social media platforms before using your Hashtag to determine if it is really unique. To do so, enter your desired hashtag, eg on Twitter, and see if there are any contributions to it.

In brief

In a tweet every character counts. Therefore, your hashtag should not be too long; with the perfect length being around 8 characters. The longer the hashtag, the less space remains to publish additional details about your event.

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Timeline of social media posts:

A good hashtag can be used as a marketing tool before, during and after the event.

Before the event

Create a hashtag as early as possible. The sooner you talk about it, the better. Market the hashtag by incorporating it into all your advertising and communications materials: such as invitations, flyers, e-mails, event websites and business cards.

During the event

Hashtags are particularly suitable for networking among visitors and for internal communication during the event; for example, to identify audience questions on the respective lectures. For this to be successful, ask your speakers and presenters to draw attention to the hashtag and remind visitors that they can share ideas and experiences during the event. Furthermore, event organisers/clients will be able to actively participate in the engagement and gauge the impressions of visitors; useful for post-event evaluation.

Our tip: Including a live hashtag feed or a Twitter wall at your event, ensures that visitors are made aware of the current content and are thus encouraged to share their own opinions and start productive discussions with fellow participants.

After the event

Continuing to use a hashtag after your event allows you and your delegates to carry on talking about particular issues or ideas. In addition to this, a hashtag can be used by delegates to provide feedback and follow-up communication to you, stay in touch with fellow visitors, identify photos and videos that were made during your event, and share your overall impressions with your visitors.

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