How to Throw the Perfect Business Startup Event

10 Jul 2017

Planning, promoting and hosting a startup event is no easy feat. But get a startup party right and you have a great way to get your brand name out there, meet new customers, and celebrate the birth of an idea into a living product or service. Here are 5 easy and actionable tips below.

Know Your Objectives

Why are you doing this? What is the best result that may come from this event? Do you want brand recognition, to raise funds, to educate the market on what you do, generate leads or look for partners, or promote the release of your product or service?

The most common is simply to raise your brand profile. For me the most successful events have the same ingredients: the right people in the room, the right press and an end goal of making everyone in the room an ambassador for you and your product/service. Buzz factor is yet another great reason to host a startup event.

The Crowd

When putting together a powerful invitation list, think about who you want in the room, link this to the ROI and purpose of the event. Like writing a good book, always be thinking of your audience.

What Size of Space Do You Require

More intimate events, like dinner parties, are another great way to connect one-on-one with “influencers” who have the capability to change the course of your business. The Green Room, our smallest meeting room, works perfectly for meetings, seminars, workshops and small receptions or dinners. Located back of house, it offers an exciting glimpse into life backstage.

Start Spreading the News

Promote your startup party accordingly on social media channels, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and maybe even Snapchat, Instagram and YPlan. You can also post your startup event on sites like Startup Digest, Tech City News and The Fetch.

 - Expert Tip: Ask all of your attendees for their support in promoting the party via social media, blog posts and newsletters.

Take a Moment to Remind Everyone Why They Are There

Always, always, always, take the time at events to inform your audience of why they’re there! You can perform a live demo of your product or service (always test this earlier in the day) or a quick speech. Save the long stuff for when you are face to face with those that actually care or will truly understand. For launch events get a well-known speaker or celebrity as this will add klout to your brand and make for great PR.

In Conclusion

The most important rule is on the night/day show genuine appreciation for your attendees and they’ll care about you, your product or service in return. The Bridgewater Hall offers a modern and inspiring environment to hold a business startup event. As mentioned previously, we have a number of rooms that are a popular choice for business seminars and training sessions. We have a dedicated Events Team that will support you throughout the planning and performance of the event. For more information submit an enquiry to the Conferences & Events Team using the online contact form or check out our detailed Conferences and Events Manchester section of our website.