Digital Tools To Aid Interaction at Conferences and Events in Manchester

19 Sep 2017

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In order to make your event a success, you should ensure that the participants actively participate in the activities. In this article, we have summarised a number of ideas of how to increase participant interaction into conferences and events and the advantages that this offers to you.

Why live interaction?

Most events are based on lectures where the visitor acts as a listener. This kind of communication is nowadays no longer sufficient. The listeners are quickly distracted by Smartphones and co. And often leave the lectures without remembering the content they have just heard. It is therefore important to ensure that the participants remain focused and become active participants from passive listeners. In order to ensure this, visitors must be involved, as well as have the opportunity to contribute their opinions.

What are the benefits of live interaction?

Interaction ensures that the event arouses emotions and is remembered for a long time. The more you involve your audience, the more likely they will enjoy your event, report it positively, share it, and market it for you in the future. In addition, you have the advantage of having a live interaction with the audience, to receive direct feedback when the experience is still fresh in their minds and to implement it either directly or at the next event.

How do you reach an active audience?

First of all you should discuss this with your target group prior to the event on social media. Explain to your followers that you are trying to create content and experiences that they may wish to take part in and talk about. This is achieved by making the interaction as simple as possible, for example, by providing a thread on social media or asking followers to comment on a blog article indicating which tools (see below) they would like to use. This allows you to create touch points and help your attendees get into the conversation more easily.

Tool that create more live interaction:

In recent years, the event industry has seen many new ways to increase live interaction. There are many exciting products and tools on the market that you can use for your event. The selection is varied and to give you an overview of the possibilities and advantages of the tools, we have selected and summarised three techniques:

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Audience Response Systems

Audience Response systems such as allow participants to communicate with the speakers in real-time via their Smartphone, tablet, or any other device, ask questions, and provide feedback. The questions and results can be retrieved and displayed in real time. This allows the speaker to address individual questions during the lecture. Not every visitor wants to ask their questions before an audience, which is why Audience Response Systems are particularly suited to actively involve each participant. In addition, your visitors can participate in surveys live in this form, for example, to help shape the further course of the lecture.


Slideshare allows the participants to follow the slides of the speakers in real time on their own device. This works either through the web browser or via a special app. Some vendors, such as Slideshare, also have the ability to save slides and retrieve them later, as well as make their own notes on the slides. Active participation makes it easier for the audience to follow the lectures and remain focused.

Social Walls

Through so-called social walls, you can display all social media interactions to a particular hashtag or keyword, such as your event hashtag, on a real-time monitor. The most famous social wall is the Twitter Wall. But there is also the possibility to display other social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Google+, etc. Here you have the advantage of keeping track of everything that is shared to your event in real time. In addition, you can give participants the opportunity to get in touch with others more quickly because the contents shown can be used as an ice breaker for a conversation.

Our tip: Integrate a kind of competition for your visitors by showing the most active participant on the Social Wall.