Communicating the Dress Code for Conferences and Events Manchester

11 Apr 2017

In our previous blogs we have looked at the external factors that go into planning Conferences and Events Manchester; such as experiential/interactive elements and from the perspective of an event professional that we have worked with - check out Emmylou Kelly's Qube Events Guest Blog. For this article we thought it would be interesting to focus on the attendees, and how establishing the dress code can be an important aspect to define your event, create a certain atmosphere or vibe. Therefore, here are some tips to communicate the proper dress code to your attendees and some creative and inventive trends in the event management industry.

Don’t Expect Attendees To Be Mind Readers

Aim to make the dress code very clear from the beginning (e.g. the invitation stage) to leave attendees plenty of time to shop around, especially for more specific attire. Let guests know any themes or colour codes so that they can incorporate them while adhering to the dress code. If more explanation is needed the best way to do it is to explicitly explain on the invitation, or direct to a ‘more information’ web page and perhaps even include example images.

Don’t expect attendees to be a mind readers because this is the fastest way to be disappointed. If you don’t want attendees to wear black, or white or red etc. then say so. For larger Conferences and Events Manchester, set up a FAQ page and give a more detailed description of the dress code if it seems confusing or be prepared to answer questions. You could also choose to post on social media in the run up to the event to clarify any questions or even create a buzz for outfit ideas for the day.

Perhaps you could event set up a Pinterest board with inspiration. While a dress code is very important, being too strict and making the dress code too specific can put people off attending or make them feel uneasy, which can overshadow your event. Give your guests guidance and as much information as possible without strictly telling them what to do.

Creative and Inventive Trends

Generally speaking, traditional dress codes include casual, semi-formal, cocktail dress, black tie and white tie. However, here are some of the latest creative and inventive dress codes out there:

Denim and Diamonds - A deceptive name that incorporates a smart-casual or casual chic, where you create a hybrid between casual and formal. This could be in the form of jeans and a blouse (or shirt for men). You would also expect heeled boots, smart flats or comfortable heels to accompany these outfits and is popular for daytime functions.

Brooklyn Formal - This is a relatively new dress code that is incorporated at formal events is designed for attendees to show a bit of personality. Also known as hipster formal it is swayed towards men and women in retro suits or accessories; such as braces or suspenders, bowties and shawls. Women would suit a cocktail dress or pants and heels with an elegant jacket, as long as it is kept formal and suits the quirky atmosphere.

California Casual - Particularly common among tech professionals at IT events, the California casual dress code is an even more laid back version of casual that allows for sandals, shorts, logo t-shirts, slacks, sports coats and jeans. It has also been known as “anything goes” and is now very popular for highly informal events or meetings.

In Conclusion

A well thought out and presented dress code can be used to make attendees feel good about themselves and increases the chances that they will enjoy the event by putting them in a better mood. Ultimately, you should consider the event dress code carefully as it will define whether your attendees set out on the right foot. Additionally it is equally important to relay this appropriately to your guests so that they can get it right and avoid countless phone calls asking the same questions.

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